OFFLINE: Spain’s Castellon Province among the worst for internet access in the country

CASTELLON Province has one of the worst internet connections in Spain.

New figures published by the Ministry for Digital Transformation show that Castellon is the seventh province in the country with the most areas that still do not have broadband access.

Even more surprising is the fact that this problem does not only affect smaller, inland areas, but also large coastal towns that become popular tourist resorts in the summer.

And more shocking still is the revelation that Valencia and Alicante are the first and second Spanish provinces with the most areas without broadband.

According to the Ministry, there are currently more than 27,000 households in Castellon without high-quality, fast and reliable internet access.

This figure climbs to over 33,700 when also taking into account private businesses – 19% of the regional total of buildings without broadband.

Valencia Province accounts for a whopping 45%, while Alicante is home to 36%.

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However, these figures should be taken with a pinch of salt, as Valencia and Alicante are also among the most densely populated provinces in Spain, which increases the potential number of properties to lack connections.

Seven towns in Castellon have more than 1,000 homes each without broadband access – and the top three are major coastal tourist resorts.

Vinaros, Benicarlo, Benicassim, Onda, Burriana, Villareal and, finally, Castellon city are, in that order, the towns and cities with the worst internet connections in the northernmost province of the Valencia region.

The aim of the report by the Spanish government was to highlight which areas throughout the country require investments to improve the service.

A total of 258,146 areas with up to 1.6 million homes and businesses will be eligible for an EU-funded investment scheme totalling €250 million to make high-speed broadband internet access available all over Spain by 2025.


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