One of the best chocolates in Spain is made in Malaga

ONE of the best ‘Bean to bar’ chocolates in Spain is 100% made in Malaga: Maychoco.

Every day begins with selecting, roasting, cracking, and grinding cacao beans for Malaga-born chocolate maker Mayte Sánchez, who opened a small artisan chocolate making workshop, Maychoco, on the Costa del sol in 2019 and has since become renowned for making one of the best chocolates in Spain.

This small craft chocolate company based on the coast of Benajarafe, Malaga, transforms the cocoa bean, mainly from Peru, into a ‘bean to bar’ chocolate by hand offering a unique taste and superb quality.

Maychoco is committed to obtaining and elaborating chocolate in compliance with the cocoa farmers and the environment and has been recently selected by popular lifestyle blogger, Sònia Graupera, as one of the best ‘Bean to bar’ chocolates in Spain.

A reality that is supported with the fact that Maychoco has received various distinctions at the International Chocolate Awards, the most important competition in the world.


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