Sand dune concerns over new development on Spain’s Costa Blanca

DENIA residents say they’re concerned about 24 apartments being built at Les Marines beach and the damage they could do to the local eco-system.

They claim that sand dunes are threatened along with other local flora and fauna.

Besides the dunes, the area is home to unique vegetation like coastal scrubs and provides shelter to protected birds like the Kentish Plover.

Construction has now started on one of the few remaining building spaces at Les Marines with the development granted a municipal permit in 2017.

Denia’s land and urban quality councillor, Maria Josep Ripoll, told the Levante newspaper that the new homes will be built away from the beach and ‘obviously, the dunes are not touched’.

She added the development had the full authorisation of the Costas authority because it did not encroach maritime land that comes under pùblic domain laws.

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