Only in Andalucia! Hilarious video of cow giving directions in Tarifa goes viral

OVER the summer months hundreds of sun seekers travel south to make the most of the golden beaches on the Costa del Sol. 

And often in our excitement to get to the sea, we can take a wrong turn (or two). 

But one group had a novel approach to asking for directions when heading out to Bolonoa beach in Tarifa earlier this week. 

Two young men driving past a group of red cows on their way to the coast took the opportunity to ask the animals for some directions. 

In the now viral video, the driver can be heard asking:  “Good afternoon, sorry, what’s the way for Bologna?” 

The cow then tilts her head, nodding the pair in the right direction. 

“Over there? Thank you,” the driver replies, struggling to hold back laughter. 

His passenger is equally bemused by the situation, laughing: “How good, man! Olé you! What good people you are Paquita!”.

Social media users were left in stitches thanks to the hilarious video. 

One user replied that the side splitting footage had ‘made my week’ while another added that the cows had a ‘better sense of direction than most humans’. 

A third wrote: “Only in Andalucia!”


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