Over 21% of ‘thirty-somethings’ are not vaccinated against COVID-19 in Costa Blanca and Valencia areas of Spain

21.6% of Valencian Community residents aged in their thirties have still not got a COVID-19 vaccination, according to health department figures.

The age group makes up a significant proportion of the 10% of the total regional population that have not had at least one vaccine shot.

Valencian Health Minister, Ana Barcelo, said that the highest incidence of new COVID-19 cases were among people aged 30 to 39, with 55.18 infections per 100,000 residents in that age band.

The news comes as average COVID incidence rates stand at 49 cases per 100,000 but hospital admissions and death rates remain low.

Tuesday’s figures showed 203 hospitalisations with 49 people in intensive care.

Ana Barcelo said: “Unvaccinated people are six times more likely to be infected and nine times more likely to be hospitalised compared to somebody who has had the full course of vaccinations.”

The Health Ministry has launched what has been branded as a ‘10% operation’ to reach unvaccinated citizens.

Mobile vaccination teams will target younger people with appearances at sports stadiums, shopping centres, entertainment events, and collaborating with colleges and universities.

Booster doses to people aged over 70 have started to be administered in the Valencian Community with a flu vaccine offered at the same time.

Image Credit: Cordon Press


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