WATCH: Giant ‘bastard snake’ captured by police in Spain’s Malaga

A HUGE snake measuring more than 1.5 metres has been captured in Malaga city.

Agents of the Nature Protection Group (GRUPONA) of Malaga’s Policia Local were called in to capture a large ‘bastard snake’ after owners of a house in Churriana observed the presence of a giant reptile in their water metre box.

After a tricky start, one of the agents, using long tongs, was able to extract the slithery reptile from the outdoor water box.

Fortunately the reptile was a non-dangerous breed known locally as a ‘culebra bastarda’ (Malpolon monspessulanus).

After a quick photo that was later posted on the Malaga Policia Local’s Facebook page, the snake was placed inside a sealed container for its safe transfer to the Municipal Zoosanitary Center.

Following an examination by reptile experts at the Malaga Zoosanitary, the snake was found to be in good condition and was released into its natural habitat, in a more appropriate rural part of the area.

The bastard snake, known in English as a Montpellier snake, is rated as ‘Least Concern’ according to the IUCN’s red list of endangered species and even though this specimen of snake can release some venom in biting, they are considered a non-dangerous breed.


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