Pedro Sánchez says council will approve a ‘drastic reduction’ of the AP-9 tolls

PEDRO Sánchez has confirmed the  Council of Ministers will approve a ‘drastic reduction’ in tolls on the AP-9 in Galicia on Tuesday. 

This announcement was made by Sánchez during his speech at the Medalla de Ouro de Galicia  ??in Santiago which was attended by the King and the president of the Xunta, Alberto Núñez Feijóo .

Sánchez has promised a ‘historic’ reduction in the cost of travelling on the toll roads along the Atlantic Highway. 

 On Tuesday Council of Ministers is set to confirm the reduction – which has not yet been specified – but is promised to see Spaniards save €2,300 million between now and 2048.

Following the Council’s approval, the reduction will come into effect from next week. 

Sanchez said the cost-cutting measure was ‘essential to the mobility of Galicians’ .

He added: “It will allow the circulation of alternative routes to be changed to improve transport and connection, which I know is very meaningful on the part of Galician society as a whole.”

The Prime Minister also emphasised the ‘commitment’ of his cabinet to the ‘imminent arrival’ of high-speed rail trains in Galicia. 

Galicia is set to have the AVE railway lines completed by the end of the year.  

Sanchez highlighted the ‘two milestones’, insisting the railway and reduction of the toll costs would ‘lead the way to recovery in the Galician region’.  

“In this crisis we cannot leave anyone behind,” Sánchez said. “Each and every one of the territories of Spain must have the same rights and the same services”.

He recognised that while Galicia is ‘proudly rural it deserves urgent attention’ to ensure the future economic success of the region.  

President of the Xunta, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, said he was ‘excited to finally see the AVE entering Galicia’. 

He said: “This will lay the foundations for the ambitious reactivation projects of the economy. 

“President, we hope that your presence here today will support all these great challenges that lie ahead as we need everyone’s cooperation and support to make it a success.” 


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