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THERE are many restaurants along the wide seafront of Valencia, but Casa Patacona is definitely a case of ‘save the best for last’.

Found in Patacona, it has amazing sea views, three great terraces, one in front, one inside and the third – the best – on the second floor, a private area for events, such as family and company gatherings.

Terrace 3

I was particularly impressed with the friendly service on a lunch out with colleagues and their kids and made some delicious discoveries, such as a delicious Valencian tomato salad with tuna belly. 

For the main course we chose the classical Paella Valenciana, which the children loved, as well as a more adventurous paella with confit of duck and mushrooms.

It was a complete eye-opener and one I will definitely have again. 

Terrace 1

The restaurant ( was set up by owner Vicente Barbera, 59, who saw an opportunity to open a hip, new joint on what was then a deserted run down district in 2013.

He was proved right with the area now one of the wealthiest on the entire Valencia coastline and achingly trendy these days.

“I could see that Patacona, where I have lived since 1996, was starting to develop,” he explains.

Paella 1

“I had worked for 34 years managing businesses, latterly in construction and I had a sense that a restaurant could do well here so I rented this beachside chalet in April 2013 and started to reconstruct it.”

When he opened it a few months later in July it was only the second restaurant to open on Patacona beach.

Things went from strength to strength and the restaurant created a loyal local following and one that tourists and expats started to seek out.

Paella 2

That was until COVID struck in 2020.

“The Covid times have been very tough for everyone in the restaurant business, both because of the restrictions and limited opening hours but also because it created a discomfort and anxiety in people to eat out. 

“We closed during the initial lock down, and when we were allowed to open limited hours, we also started offering take away food, so we stayed open from then.”

It was a good move as many new people from the area got to know them, a lot using the Glovo delivery service. 

Pulpo 1

“Many of them turned into our regular clients by the end,” he adds happily. 

So what makes Casa Patacona stand out from the rest? 

“We specialize in paellas and rice dishes. We do not have a lead cook, in fact all our cooks are qualified to cook hot dishes, like paella as well as grilled meats. 

“We also put an emphasis on the waiters treating the customer in a friendly manner, we want people to feel they are at home.


“It is very important to me that my staff get along well, the spirit of companionship is key to making a good team. I think we have achieved that.”

Casa Patacona is open from 8.30 until 1pm with no break. To reserve a table and enjoy Mediterranean cuisine with amazing sea views, or just have a drink by the beach at any time during the day, here is how to get in touch:

Casa Patacona, Paseo Maritimo de la Patacona n 14,

46120, Alboraya, Valencia

T. 96 372 40 95 I 618 356 043 I

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