Pigeon thieves caught driving slowly in getaway car on Valencia area industrial estate in Spain

THE Guardia Civil have recovered 17 stolen racing pigeons in Massanassa all because a getaway vehicle used by the thieves was travelling very slowly.

An overnight Guardia patrol was monitoring industrial estates when they stopped a suspicious slow-moving car.

Inside they saw 17 pigeons flapping around with no cages to keep them safe.

Two men and a 15-year-old boy- all of Spanish nationality- were arrested for robbery after being unable to produce any pigeon identification documents.

One of the pigeons had a ring with a telephone number on it and officers called it and spoke to a grateful farmer who confirmed his birds had been stolen.

The 17 birds are said to be worth €20,000 and are specially trained for racing and attract a high price for breeding purposes.

The theft was the latest in a series of pigeon robberies in the Valencian Community.

Last November, 120 birds were stolen from a Benidorm pigeon racing club and youths struck again to take 18 birds from the same club two months ago.


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