Woman arrested at Costa Blanca airport in Spain for smuggling cocaine inside Play Station 5 console

A WOMAN has been arrested at Alicante-Elche airport after she tried to smuggle in cocaine hidden in her Play Station 5 console.

The 23-year-old traveller had flown from Brazil to Madrid, but was caught out after completing the final leg of her journey.

Guardia Civil officers in the customs check area noticed her behaving suspiciously by avoiding eye contact with them and trying to delay entering the zone in the hope that the officers would leave.

The woman’s luggage was checked by an X-ray scanner and a substance compatible with drugs was detected inside her Play Station console.

The unit was opened up and four packages containing nearly three kilos of a white powder were discovered.

Cocaine Confirmed

A quick analysis confirmed that the powder was cocaine, which resulted in her immediate arrest.

She was charged with crimes against public health and smuggling, and an Elche court jailed her as inquiries continued.


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