Police in Spain arrest yet another British fugitive hiding out on Costa del Sol

SPANISH police have arrested yet another British fugitive who fled to southern Spain to hide out on the Costa del Sol.

The man, indentified as a 29-year-old Brit with the initials LLC, was arrested on Monday, August 30 at a shopping centre in Marbella by a police unit dedicated to catching international drug dealers.

The man was held on an international arrest warrant issued by British police in May for crimes committed between January and September of last year.

The man is suspected of “involvement in a criminal network that imported narcotic substances to various countries, including Spain and Ecuador, using fraudulent transportation companies,” said the Policia Nacional in a statement issued on Friday.

Spanish police forces have had huge success tracking down criminals hiding out on the Costa del Sol in recent weeks.

In July they revealed that they had nabbed seven British fugitives within a fortnight while last month they moved in on Irish gangland boss Gerry ‘The Monk’ Hutch.

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