Police looking for ‘Cinderella’ crook who fled from crime scene in Cadiz shoeless

POLICE in the south of Spain have issued an appeal for a “Cinderella” crook who left his trainer at the scene of a crime.

A man ran away from officers after he was caught drinking from a bottle of rum on the streets in Chipiona.

He was in such a rush to leave the scene that he forgot one of his shoes, as well as the bottle of rum and a bag of ice. Police tweeted a photo of the shoe, hoping someone might recognise the Nike trainer.

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Officers from the  Local Police of Chipiona, joked that they were on the hunt for the  ‘little princess’ and said they were surprised that a person who wears ‘€140 sneakers drinks glasses of rum from an €8 bottle’. 

They wrote in a Facebook post: “This individual on the run lost his shoe and a bag of ice and a bottle of rum. We do not know if the shoe jumped off due to the acceleration of his departure or it was a logistics failure (it was not in properly on) but the reality is that that shoe is well cared for in our facilities.” 

Officers ended the post writing that  ‘running is for cowards and bad bullfighters and uncomfortable with a single shoe. If you run it is because you know that you are not doing something quite right’. 


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