Police save life of choking semi-conscious girl on Spain’s Costa Blanca

GUARDIA Civil officers saved the life of a girl, 3, who was choking to death after swallowing some small pieces of plastic at the port of Alicante.

The officers heard shouting coming from a group of people who were about to board a ferry to Algeria.

At the centre of the commotion was the young girl who was being held in her father’s arms.

She showed all the symptoms of choking including her face and lips turning purple and suffering constant coughing and gagging.

The crowd was cleared away and one of the officers started to perform first aid manoeuvres on her.

She was taken to some restrooms where the officer managed to get the girl to expel the pieces of plastic she had swallowed.

The youngster recovered immediately and rejoined her family to board the ferry.

The family and the ferry company both thanked the Guardia Civil for their prompt response that saved the child’s life.


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