Police stop anti-vaxxers pestering parents over COVID-19 jabs at Valencia area school in Spain

POLICE were summonsed to a Valencia Province school after anti-vaxxers harangued parents over their children getting COVID-19 vaccines.

Eight anti-vaxxers appeared on Thursday lunchtime outside the doors of the Mestre Rafael Noguera school in the coastal town of Daimus.

Daimus mayor, Javier Planes, went to the scene and told the anti-vaxxers to ‘leave Daimus’ and that ‘we don’t want you here’.

Saluda de l'alcalde - Ajuntament de Daimús
JAVIER PLANES (Daimus Ayuntamiento Image)

The lobbying came on the same day that the Valencian Community started rolling out COVID vaccines to children aged between five and nine.

Schools are hosting the vaccination sessions but youngsters have to get prior parental approval for the shot.

Parents were waiting to come into the Mestre Rafael Noguera school at around 12.30 pm to provide support to their children when they get injected.

A group of people pestered them with anti-vaccine comments including concerns over the long-term impact of giving injections to children.

Tensions rose and the school called the Guardia Civil and the Daimus Policia Local.

An eye-witness told the Levante newspaper: “There were moments of great nervousness and tension among the families with some mothers become very worried about the situation.”

The Guardia Civil told the protestors to leave as they were creating a public order problem.

No arrests were made.

Earlier this month, the Valencian president, Ximo Puig, threatened prosecutions against people who threatened hospitality business owners over the mandatory use of COVID-19 passports.


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