Poo Fighters! Catalan town brings in superhero to fight a smelly problem

A CATALAN town has created a unique crime fighter to tackle the scourge of dog poo.

Superhero SAC – Super Anti-Caques – visits schools and homes to spread the message that it is vital to clean up after pets.

The creation in Campdevanol comes as the town registered all its 300 pets and took DNA samples to ensure it can detect and fine those owners behind any errant excrement.

Poo Fighters

Meanwhile Barcelona  and Madrid fared well in a poll of European cities that tackled the problem well.

They placed third and eighth in the table overall, ahead of Berlin and Vienna, in particular for dealing with offenders and providing good facilities for pets.

One of the factors singled out by tails.com is the severity of the fines, which is a whopping €1500 in both Spanish cities. Naples, in Italy, came bottom in the ranking.


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