4.9 earthquake with epicentre in the Alboran Sea is felt in Malaga, Melilla, Granada and Almeria

AN earthquake of magnitude 4.9 with an epicentre in Alboran has been clearly felt in Melilla, and also in several locations in the provinces of Malaga, Granada and Almeria.

According to data from the National Geographic Institute (IGN), the earthquake was registered at 1:20 pm on Saturday afternoon, and it was felt in Melilla with an intensity III-IV, the equivalent to a heavy truck striking a building which would have provoked dishes, windows and doors to rattle and cars would have rocked noticeably.

In Malaga, Granada and Almeria, the quake was felt at a lower, level II-III, intensity.

The tremor, originally classified with a magnitude of 4.5 degrees by the IGN—raised to a 4.9 quake in a revised calculation—was registered at a depth of 0 kilometres, however, so far, there have been no reports of personal or material damage.

This earthquake, which lasted for several seconds, is one of the most important of the entire series of seismic movements that have been taking place in Alboran Sea in recent months.

The tremor was followed by a dozen aftershocks of lesser magnitude.

Map Of Earthquakes In The Last Few Hours Ign
Map Of Earthquakes In The Last Few Hours / Credit: IGN

These seismic movements are in addition to the series of earthquakes detected in recent months in the southern area of the Alboran Sea, which between April 17 and August 12, have accounted for some 1,500 earthquakes of varying intensity, several of which have been felt in Melilla, Almeria, Granada and Malaga.


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