Robbers with base in Spain’s Valencia plundered at least 40 homes across seven provinces

SEVEN people have been arrested for robbing at least 40 homes across Spain- netting money and valuables worth around €800,000.

The Albanian gang based themselves in Gandia, Valencia Province.

They used Lisbon Airport in Portugal to travel to and from their native country to hinder Guardia Civil attempts to track them down.

Portuguese police and Europol joined the Guardia to bring the gang to justice.

The criminals struck in the provinces of Salamanca, Valladolid, Leon, Palencia, La Rioja, Navarra and Zaragoza.

Stolen Selection

The Guardia Civil launched Operation Rovisa in March after several break-ins were reported in Salamanca.

Besides using Lisbon as an interchange, the thieves carried out all kinds of other security measures to avoid being caught.

The gang leaders used three different names backed up by bogus ID papers and avoided mobile phone communication during their travels around the country.

They instead used walkie-talkies during their robbery trips in cars that had fake number plates.

The investigation is still active as the Guardia seeks to identify more properties burglarised by the thieves.


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