Several people arrested for knife attacks in Spain’s Castellon

KNIFE fights are becoming an increasing source of concern in Castellon Province.

Several stabbings and arrests have taken place over the last couple of months in different towns and in various contexts – although thankfully none of them fatal.

The latest incident took place in Castellnovo at the weekend, when a man was detained by the Guardia Civil after allegedly stabbing a 19-year-old man during an argument on the terrace of a bar.

Police sources reveal that four people were involved in the attack and that the suspect arrested on suspicion of wielding the weapon was under an arrest warrant from a Catalunya court.

The young victim was rushed to the local health centre, where he was treated for his wounds and declared to be out of danger.

Teenage Knife Crime
Photo by Cordon Press

A 29-year-old victim of another knife attack at the end of July was not so lucky, when he sustained several deep cuts in an attack in Vall d’Alba and required emergency surgery at Castellon General Hospital.

The same town had already been the scene of a mass brawl several days earlier, when a 23-year-old man was also rushed to hospital with several head and body wounds.

In June, a man stabbed another at the entrance to a bar in Benicassim when the victim tried to mediate in a traffic argument between two other people, again requiring treatment at Castellon Hospital while the attacker was arrested.

The authorities admit to being concerned and somewhat puzzled at the spate of knife attacks, which is not a common occurrence in the area.

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