Valencia University among the best in Spain according to international ranking system

VALENCIA University (UV) is one of the best in Spain.

This year’s report by the Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU), the main international higher education listing method, features UV among the eight top unis in Spain.

The ARWU system groups universities by numerical sections, with all institutions within the same rank ordered alphabetically.

UV, therefore, sits within the 5-8 stretch of top unis in the country, but is placed at number eight due to the first letter in Valencia.

In addition, UV is also second of the 1-2 ranking in the Valencia region, making it the top uni in the Valencian Community, plus being featured in the 301 – 400 section for the whole world.

Valencia University
Valencia University complex from above (Photo by Wikimedia Commons)

Valencia University is also one of the top institutions in Europe with regards to the reception of Erasmus students and is part of a network of universities throughout the world offering international double degrees.

The ARWU analyses the quality of up to 1,000 higher education centres to compile its yearly report, based on six key criteria.

Of those, UV scores highly in four categories, namely number of indexed articles – the third highest in Spain -, investigative prowess, academic achievement per capita, and number of articles published in the Nature and Science magazines.

By curriculum categories, UV scores among the highest in the world for areas such as Remote Sensing, Food science and technology, Tourism, Healthcare, and Physics.  

On a national scale, the number one university in Spain according to the ARWU is Barcelona, with Harvard, Stanford and Cambridge leading the international ranking.


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