Spain falls on corruption ranking for the second year in a row

SPAIN HAS fallen for the second year running on the Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI), put together by an organisation called Transparency International (TI). 

According to the latest report from TI, which was released on Tuesday, Spain has a score of 60 out of 100 on the corruption index. This puts it on a par with countries such as Botswana and Cape Verde. 

Spain came in 35th this year on the global ranking, out of 180 countries in total. It has fallen one place compared to 2021 and three compared to the previous year.

The organisation concludes that Spain is ‘not advancing in its efforts to prevent and fight against corruption’. 

Within the European Union, the report shows that Spain is 14th in the ranking of the 27 member states. It is two points below Portugal and LIthuania, which come in with 62 out of 100, and one point above Latvia. 

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The full 2023 ranking from Transparency International.

‘We are putting out a call for the parliament to not waste any more time in bringing forward the laws needed to prevent corruption and to strengthen transparency and accountability,’ said Silvina Bacigalup, the president of Transparency International Spain. 

The CPI ranks 180 countries and territories around the world based on their perceived levels of corruption in the public sector. 

Topping the list this year as the least corrupt country is Denmark, with Finland and New Zealand joint second, and Norway fourth. Ireland was 10th and the United Kingdom 18th. 

‘The global average remains unchanged for over a decade at just 43 out of 100,’ TI explains on its website. ‘More than two-thirds of countries score below 50, while 26 countries have fallen to their lowest scores yet. Despite concerted efforts and hard-won gains by some, 155 countries have made no significant progress against corruption or have declined since 2012.’

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