Waitress in Spain denounces sexism of potential employer who demanded photos of her cleavage

A WAITRESS in Spain has denounced a potential employer for demanding that she send him photos of her, including her cleavage, before considering her for a job. 

The young woman in question, named Génesis, drew attention to the unsavoury and sexist WhatsApp exchange via the Twitter account ‘Soy Camarero’ (I’m a waiter).

In the screen grab she shared, a picture that she sent the potential employer is visible, to which he replies:

‘Do you have any more?’

‘No, just that one,’ Génesis replies.

‘The thing that I told you about the cleavage is very important,’ he says. ‘That’s what is most taken into account. If you have an Instagram account and would rather give that to me, I can see you there. Whatever you prefer.’ 

It is only after that message that the employer remembers to ask for the youngster’s CV. 

‘Forget about it. I don’t believe that I should have to show that much just to serve coffees. Thanks and good luck,’ Génesis says in response. 

Other Twitter users shared their experiences under the post. ‘It’s the same thing with make-up,’ wrote one with the username Leti. ‘Once they insinuated that I should be made up with a public-facing role, because it gives a better impression. I responded saying that when my male colleagues were forced to wear make up, I would too, and if not I would do so when I liked.’

‘Apart from the cleavage and makeup, they called me to warn me that my boyfriend couldn’t come anywhere near the bar, that the customers couldn’t know I had a partner,’ added user Paz Molina. ‘I also had an abusive timetable and terrible pay. I ran screaming from the place.’ 

‘I don’t believe there was even a job in the first place,’ said user Antonio Arcones about Génesis’s exchange.

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