Spain’s Andalucia set to sizzle in hottest day of year predicted for August 6

AUGUST will see highs above 40ºC and tropical nights scorch Andalucia with a new heatwave on its way.

According to weather portal Summer will experience its hottest peak in August, specifically, Saturday, August 6— forecast to be the hottest day of 2022 in Spain.

As of today, August 1, temperatures are expected to reach 42ºC in the Guadalquivir valley with a new heatwave sweeping across the country.

Saturday, August 6 has been predicted to be the hottest day of 2022 with highs hovering above 40ºC in most of the region and Sevilla and Cordoba set to fry at 44ºC.

At the same time, night-time temperatures will be abnormally high, with tropical nights in which temperatures will not drop below 25ºC.

According to the weather portal, temperatures will begin to dip slightly as of the second week of August.

So far this year, Spain has registered the hottest May in 20 years and is on track for the worst fire season in over a decade.


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