Spain’s chambermaids to launch app that rates hotels on how staff are treated

A NEW booking app created by Spain’s chambermaids will allow tourists to choose their hotel based on how well they treat their workers.

Ethical travellers who want more from their hotel than a great view, decent pool and fine dining, will now be able to sleep well knowing the staff aren’t being exploited.

The app is being set up by a campaigning group known as Las Kellys – from the Spanish words ‘las que limpian (the women who clean).

The organisation failed to persuade platforms such as and TripAdvisor to include working conditions as a part of their hotel ratings so decided to create their own.

A crowdfunding campaign to fund the project has so far raised more than €88,000 to develop the website and mobile app.

“Our idea is to send a clear message to hoteliers and businessmen. Either they stop exploiting us, or their business is over,” said Miriam, one of the spokespersons for the group. 

Hotels will be rated on whether they meet national standards on pay and conditions, comply with health and safety regulations, have an equal pay policy, employ vulnerable people and employ the chambermaids in-house.


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