WATCH: Students break COVID rules with massive illegal street party at university in Spain’s Madrid

A MASSIVE illegal street party involving an estimated 25,000 students took place at Complutense University on Friday night.

Police described it as the ‘biggest bottellon seen since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic’ and said they were unable to disperse the crowds until 7am on Saturday.

Videos of the students celebrating the start of the academic year showed revellers crowded together without masks or social distancing.

University authorities also complained of the mess left behind by the students and urged them to act responsibly.

Madrid’s regional government will relax restrictions from Monday September 20 extending closing times of nightlife venues from 2am until 6am.

However, botellones –  mass drinking parties are still illegal and punishable with fines from €500 for those taking part and up to €600,000 for those who organise them.

Spain’s COVID-19 regulations also state masks must be worn indoors and outdoors when a social distance of 1.5 metres is not possible.


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