Spain’s Emeritus King Juan Carlos to pay income tax in exiled home of Abu Dhabi

EMERITUS KING Juan Carlos is going to pay tax in Abu Dhabi after moving there in August 2020.

The El Mundo newspaper on Friday said that he established his permanent residence there last March and has started procedures not to declare a 2022 income tax return in Spain.

The former monarch no longer fulfils the requirement of living in Spain for more than 183 days a year to be considered as a tax resident.

Since settling in Abu Dhabi in 2020, Juan Carlos has only been in Spain once- for a five-day visit to a yachting regatta and a meeting with his son, King Felipe, in Madrid.

After the State Attorney General’s Office dismissed the corruption investigations against him in December 2021 due to a ‘lack of evidence’, he informed King Felipe that he had decided to continue ‘living permanently and stably in Abu Dhabi’, where he had ‘found peace’.

Up to that point, Juan Carlos had settled his accounts with the Spanish Treasury in two procedures.

In December 2020, he paid €678,000 for the use of bank cards accessing funds run by Mexican businessman Allen Sangines-Krause in one of the cases that was investigated against him.

In February 2021, he shelled out €4.4 million on undeclared income accumulated during several years in excess of €8 million for trips and services on behalf of the Zagatka Foundation, run by his cousin Alvaro de Orleans-Borbon.

King Felipe stripped his father from an active role in the Royal Family in March 2020, after reports surfaced that Saudi Arabia had ‘gifted’ him €100 million over the awarding of a rail contract.


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