Travellers using Spain’s Valencia Airport to enjoy less-stressful security area

AN expanded passenger security check area has almost been completed as part of an overall revamp of Terminal 1 at Valencia Airport.

The terminal is located in the middle of the airport building and deals with both domestic and international flights.

Airport manager, Antonio Garcia Aparicio, said on Friday that improvements were aimed at improving the quality of service provided.

“A decision was made to take a big step forward with upgrading facilities and practically all the changes will come into force this year,“ he promised.

The Terminal 1 area is being remodelled including an upgrade to the passenger security check zone.

Antonio Garcia Aparicio said: “This is the most stressful part for airport travellers and we want to relieve it as much as possible.”

He said those enhancements have almost been finished.

Three extra automatic boarding pass gates are being installed to take the total to 13.

As a result, three new security lines will be created with three additional x-ray scanners being brought into service.

Garcia Aparicio added that the security area will be extended by 30% as a result of the measures to ‘improve the experience for travellers’.

He stressed that 2022 was the ‘year of recovery’ with passenger numbers at 8.1 million- just 5% down on the 2019 record.

“The terminal capacity is ten million and we are optimistic about what we will get this year, “ said Garcia Aparicio.

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