Spain’s Malaga reactivates ambitions plans to have largest urban forest in Mediterranean Europe

PLANS to turn a former toxic wasteland in Malaga into giant urban forest have been reactivated.

The platform Bosque Urbano Málaga has presented a project to turn the former Repsol petrol storage plant into a 177,000m2 Hyde Park-style green-space, with a natural lake, an amphitheatre and bicycle and walking paths.

The 3D recreation carried out by the platform aims to respond to the ‘environmental deficiencies’ of the Cruz de Humilladero and Carretera de Cadiz areas.

The idea is that Malaga City Council should commit to providing the city with a real urban forest instead of increasing neighbourhoods with more housing.

The project would place Malaga in the line with other great ‘green’ European capitals and if realised, would see the Capital of the Costa del Sol become home to the largest urban forest in Mediterranean Europe.

This is not the first time that Bosque Urbano Malaga has launched a plan for green alternatives on the old Repsol petrol storage plant.

The organisation also highlights that the World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends ‘a minimum’ of between 10 and 15 square metres of green areas per inhabitant, and unfortunately, these districts ‘barely exceed’ two square metres.

The platform, which has already planted almost 300 trees and shrubs in this area, insists on promoting this project as soon as possible.


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