Spain’s Malaga reintroduces 14 chameleon specimens into their natural habitat

MALAGA has successfully reintroduced 14 chameleon specimens into their native habitat during September, marking a significant step in their conservation efforts.

The most recent release took place last Thursday, September 28, in the coastal areas of Parador de Malaga Golf.

This initiative is part of the Municipality of Malaga’s ongoing efforts under the Department of Environmental Sustainability.

Present at the release event were Penelope Gomez, Delegate Councillor for Environmental Sustainability; Mercedes Martin, Delegate Councillor of the Churriana District; Eduardo Oriola, Regional Director of Paradores de Turismo de España; and Javier Manzano, Director of the Parador de Malaga Golf.

A green chameleon on the branch of a tree. Credit: Pixabay.

The Biodiversity Control Centre of the Municipality plays a crucial role in tending to and rehabilitating injured or ailing chameleon specimens. They facilitate their adaptation to a semi-free environment before eventually reintroducing them into their natural habitat.

The selection of the release location is determined by two key factors: the native area of the chameleon specimens and the characteristics of the receiving habitat. Typically, due to the species’ altitude preferences, these habitats are situated in lower-lying areas, often near the coast.

Since the initiation of this project in 2011, a total of 893 chameleons have received care and rehabilitation.


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