WATCH: Moment oriental hornets devour a dead BIRD on Spain’s Costa del Sol: Experts warn the insects attack in groups and can sting you multiple times

THIS is the moment a pack of oriental hornets were seen feasting on a dead bird on the Costa del Sol.

The footage, shared on X (formerly Twitter), shows the insects crawling over the carcass in Guadalmedina, near the Armiñan bridge, while using their gnarly pincers to tuck into the animal.

The invasive species arrived to Andalucia at least two years ago and its population numbers have been growing ever since.

It is currently present along the Costa del Sol, including Marbella, and now for the first time, it has been found in Malaga city.

Experts have warned residents who come across an oriental hornet to not disturb them, as they can be dangerous.

Their bite is particulary painful and discharges a large amount of toxins, which can provoke an anaphylactic shock in humans – as it did to someone in Marbella last year.

They can also sting you as many times as they wish and tend to defend themselves in groups.

If you are stung by an oriental hornet and fear you are having an allergic reaction, you must seek immediate medical attention.

The species tend to build their nests near or inside homes. Much like bees, they have a queen who they protect as she lays hundreds of eggs.

The oriental hornet is different to the Asian hornet, which is larger and carries a more potent sting.

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