Spain’s November jobless total is lowest for the month since 2007

SPAIN’S unemployment total of 2.88 million for November is the lowest seen for the month since 2007.

Figures from the Labour Ministry showed it was the second-lowest total this year and a 33,512 improvement on the October rate.

The biggest falls by region were 15,330 in the Valencian Community and 11,169 in Andalucia.

A Ministry statement said: “This is a particularly significant decrease considering the adverse international economic situation.”

Full time contracted jobs showed a rise of 78,695 positions, making it 19 consecutive months of job creation.

A Social Security Ministry spokesperson said: “11 months after the introduction of labour reforms, the positive effects of improving the quality of employment continue to be appreciated.”

Historically, November is a bad month for employment in Spain due to the end of main tourist season, but foreign visitor numbers have continued to recover during the autumn to pre-pandemic levels.

The promising job figures come after last month’s inflation rate was confirmed at 6.8% compared to double digit figures during the summer.


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