Spain’s Valencia City tells people with respiratory problems to stay indoors due to rise in Saharan dust levels

AN air pollution warning was activated in Valencia City on Wednesday morning after Saharan dust particles were detected in the atmosphere leading to hazy skies.

People with respiratory problems have been advised to stay indoors and all forms of outdoor exercise involving ‘vulnerable’ residents have been discouraged.

Air quality measurements are taken regularly across the city and four monitoring stations reported increased Saharan dust levels.

Valencia mayor, Joan Ribo, said: “We have issued the warning which is down to winds from the Sahara raising the level of particle pollution.”

Ribo told residents with breathing difficulties to ‘try to avoid leaving their homes as far as possible’ until the all-clear is given.

The Acoustic and Air Quality department said that ‘current weather conditions producing atmospheric calm have not allowed an adequate dispersion of pollutants caused by dust of Saharan origin brought in by winds’.

Besides advising vulnerable people to stay indoors, it recommends the use of a clinical mask as added protection, and if any serious discomfort arises and persists, then the department recommends going to a hospital.

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