Spanish singer Maria Isabel reveals she is quitting music to focus on mental health

MARIA Isabel has announced that she has quit music to focus on her mental health. 

The singer who won the Eurojunior festival in 2004 announced that she was retiring from music due to problems with anxiety. 

The 26-year-old from Ayamonte in Huelva took to Instagram to share the news. 

She explained to fans that she was walking away ‘from all that she once loved’ because she was struggling with mental health troubles. 

“Today being in the industry is very difficult for me. It is hard, and it makes me angry and I have never stopped fighting. 

“I suffer from anxiety and it is difficult to deal with it on a daily basis in this world.” 

She added that she decided now is the time to ‘take a breath, time to think, meditate and know the way forward.’ 

“I could say that I will return, but that will only happen if I finish understanding how this works, the singer said before thanking fans who have ‘not let her walk along since she was 17′.

“I feel fortunate for all the blessings that God has given me and continues to give,” she said. “But is time to meditate, to think, to work hard, and may God decide the way.” 


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