INTO THE DEEP BLUE: A yachting adventure into the Med off Marbella can’t guarantee whales… but is definitely a fabulous day out!

PODS of dolphins, flying fish and pilot whales. These are just some of the wonderful species you might see on a yacht excursion into the Med.

While it cannot be guaranteed, the 30-years of experience of skipper Pete Ashworth at Marbella Yacht Charters means you will certainly get a wonderful flavour of a life on the ocean waves.

“You see dolphins 60% of the time and you are might see flying fish, tuna and occasionally pilot whales,” the London-born sailor explains.

Cascada Yacht
WHAT A BACKDROP: Marbella as seen from the sea

He has been taking regular excursions on his 42-foot yacht Bliss from Marbella port for the last five years and knows his way around the local waters like the back of his hand.

Having sailed around the world ‘at least ten times’ he has a pretty good idea where to take his clients (up to 10 at a time) for a sunset sail or a whole day’s cruise.

This is definitely not a ‘booze cruise’ though, he stresses. 

“We want to show people the ropes and get them involved in the whole sailing experience,” explains Pete, who started sailing dinghies off the Essex coast at the age of six.

“Yes we will have a glass of wine and some nice food, but not lots of beer and whiskey.

“We want to introduce our clients to the world of sailing, ideally getting up to full sails and 15 knots.

Cascada Yacht 2
Total bliss on the waves

“What is certain is whatever direction we go in a day on the boat is refreshing, with the wind and the ocean and it’s a day you won’t forget. It should certainly blow away the cobwebs.”

The aim of the charters, which can be up to six hours long, is to sail as much as possible and use the engine only when needed.

The backdrop of Marbella and its La Concha mountain is always a joy to behold while out at sea and seeing the double pillars of Hercules of Gibraltar and Morocco is also special.

The boat will carry paddle boards and snorkeling gear to use when the boat anchors out at sea. Jet skis, banana boats and kids water park access is an add on fee.

Before heading off Pete always likes to assess the sort of day clients are looking for, whether it is a gentle sail or a thrilling adventure.

The 38-year-old has worked in the boating world for two decades now and has raced, taught and delivered yachts all over the world.

Born in London, he pretty much left home at the age of 16 for a career in yachting.

A trip costs from €520 for a three-hour Sunset sail. For more information contact or call Pete on (34) 657 355 147

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