Stepson of Marbella mayor Angeles Muñoz ‘in charge’ of money laundering rings

The stepson of Marbella mayor Angeles Muñoz was the leader of a money laundering ring, according to a National Court of Spain indictment. 

Joakim Peter Broberg, 41, faces accusations of drug trafficking, money laundering and being involved in organised crime.

Spanish media have reported that the Criminal Chamber of the National Court confirmed investigating judge Manuel García-Castellón had prosecuted more than thirty other alleged members of an organisation led by Swedish citizens living in Spain that was dedicated to drug trafficking and money laundering.

Broberg was among those investigated, and according to an indictment issued by the Central Investigating Court number 6, was ‘in charge’ of a ‘complex structure’ which laundered money.

The Chamber’s order detailed six money laundering operations which could be attributed to Broberg, and at least three were run together with his father Lars Broberg, the husband of the mayoress of Marbella.

Munoz Y Broberg And Son
Lars and Joakim Broberg are facing serious accusations.

He was also prosecuted in the case, but proceedings have been suspended due to health reasons. 

The court estimates the amount laundered was 7,300,820 euros.

Broberg tried to appeal, claiming there was a ‘lack of evidence to support his prosecution’, but it was dismissed by the Court of Appeal.

Broberg, 41, had been behind bars in Brazil since April waiting for a court decision on extradition. 

Just before Christmas he was flown back to Spain, accompanied by Spanish police.

He was arrested in Rio Grande do Norte on April 7 following a warrant from the National High Court, following a request from Interpol.

Joakim and his father Lars – husband of Muñoz – are among 71 people so far arrested in a police operation spanning both Spain and Sweden. 

It was launched when the Swedish authorities asked Spain to investigate a group of drug traffickers coming from the Costa del Sol.

They claimed that up to 50 deaths a year could be linked to a settling of scores between the gang and other Scandinavian rivals.

During an initial raid, in 2018, they found an alarming array of guns, including two submachine guns, eight handguns, a rifle and a hand grenade.

The ‘front’ company, which also had a base in Torrevieja, on the Costa Blanca, had over €1.8 million frozen in bank accounts, while €592,000 in cash was also seized.

A total of 50 vehicles were seized along with properties worth over €14 million. 

A later raid of the Broberg’s Wasa Consulting company led to the arrests of six people and the seizure of documents, which police are still investigating.

The same Marbella office, in Nueva Andalucia, also held a series of documents for a string of companies – believed to be 17 in total – owned by Joakim.

Lars Broberg has defended the absolute legality of his activity and is collaborating with the investigators, ensuring he gave the police everything they needed.


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