Storm Isha wreaks havoc: Holidaymakers returning from Spain to Ireland are forced to land in FRANCE after spending more than six hours in the air

HOLIDAYMAKERS returning from Lanzarote were left shocked after their return flight to Ireland was diverted to the south of France.

The Ryanair flight from the Canary Islands tried unsuccessfully to land at Dublin, with the aircrew forced to divert all the way to Bordeaux.

Bordeaux is located over 1,000km from the Irish capital. 

The lengthy diversion meant the plane was in the air for over six hours, two hours longer than normal.

A flight from Lanzarote to Dublin was forced to land in Bordeaux – over 1000km away – due to Storm Isha. Credit: (X/flightradar24)

Storm Isha has caused havoc across the British Isles – at least five people have died while wind gusts of up to 99mph have been recorded.

Fierce winds meant that many commercial flights were diverted to unusual locations after being unable to safely land.

A Ryanair flight from Manchester to Dublin was diverted to Paris, France, and a flight from Shannon, Ireland, to Edinburgh, Scotland was forced to land in Cologne, Germany. 

One flight from Manchester to Dublin was forced to land in Liverpool after over three hours unsuccessfully attempting to land at Dublin and then Belfast – Liverpool is just 50 kilometres from Manchester. 

Passengers are not entitled to compensation due to weather disruption – however, airlines must provide food, a hotel room and onward travel.

Passengers on this Ryanair flight spent over 3 hours in the sky – only to land 50km from their original location. Credit: (X/flightradar24)


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