Study finds 20% of female dating app users have experienced violent sexual assault

The report, Apps Without Violence, revealed 3 in 4 women admit to having felt pressured to have sex on dates after meeting online and 21.7% of female dating app users have experienced a violent sexual assault during their encounters. 

The study was carried out by the Young Women’s Federation (Federacion Mujeres Jovenes) interviewed 900 women registered on Tinder, the most common dating app used by young people in Spain. 

Additionally 40% of female participants reported having had violent relationships with attitudes similar to pornography and 57% admitted to having been pressured to consume alcohol before having sex. It also found that dating apps were used to recruit victims into trafficking and prostitution.

Ada Santana, president of the organisation, said “the data is alarming” and called for more controls to be placed on dating applications. 

The report presented other shocking data including the following: 48.8% felt treated as an object, 27.7% reported being penetrated without a condom without their consent and 27.4% said that men had tried to film them during intercourse without their consent. 


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