UK ambassador to Spain presents honorary MBE to family of late Benidorm mayor, Agustin Navarro

THE family of the late Benidorm mayor, Agustin Navarro, were presented with an honorary MBE on Tuesday- awarded in recognition to his services to the British community.

The ceremony was conducted by the UK Ambassador to Spain, Hugh Elliott, with Navarro’s widow, Olga Cascales, accompanied by her children Elena, Pablo, and Didac, receiving the medal.

Hugh Elliott Gives Family Agustin Navarro 1

Agustin Navarro was Benidorm’s mayor between 2009 and 2015, and died in February last year, following a long battle against cancer.

Navarro- a member of the PSOE socialists- was respected right across the political spectrum.

He was awarded the honorary MBE in 2015 but never physically received the medal when he was alive.

Relaxed Moment

On news of the honour eight-years-ago, Navarro said that ‘he felt great pride in being recognised for his work on behalf of the British community’.

Hugh Elliott highlighted Navarro’s ‘invaluable help’ to charities such as the Royal British Legion and their annual Poppy Appeal parade, or the launch of the Foreign Tourist Service in the city that has helped British citizens.

Olga Cascales recalled how proud her husband was to have received the award which ‘he always said was a recognition to all of the council team that worked intensely for both tourists and British residents to make them feel at home in Benidorm’.

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