Superyacht ‘Octopus’ returns to the port of Spain’s Malaga

SUPERYACHT ‘Octopus’ will return to the port of Malaga today, Wednesday August 4.

Coming from Gibraltar and sharing a berth with the Mayan Queen IV, another megayacht owned by Mexican billionaire Alberto Bailleres which arrived last weekend, the Octopus is scheduled to moor at the port for a month.

The 126-metre long megayacht, owned by the heirs of Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, was put up for sale in February 2019 for €295 million, and will reside in Malaga port for the following month while waiting for potential buyers.

This is not the first time the ‘Octopus’ has spent time in Malaga awaiting potential suitors, after her four-month visit in 2019, Octopus set sail for the Italian port of Cagliari on January 14, 2020, and since then she has made short visits to the port of Malaga.

The exterior of this opulent yacht was designed by Espen Oino Naval Architects and built by the German shipbuilders Lurssen, between 2002 and 2003, whilst Jonathan Quinn Barnett of Seattle was responsible for the interior, and until 2009 the ‘Octopus’ was the largest non-state yacht in the world.

The Octopus’ most astonishing features include its two helicopters, a submarine, swimming pool, music studio and basketball court.

The superyacht accommodates up to 26 guests in 41 suites and a crew of 60.


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