The must-visit town in Spain’s Cadiz that ‘the Spanish love’ and ‘the Brits don’t know about’ – according to the Sun

FOR many holidaymakers looking to soak up the Spanish sunshine, a trip to the Costa del Sol seems the obvious route.

But reporters from British tabloid The Sun have claimed to have found a hidden gem nestled further west on Spain’s southern coast.

Conil de la Frontera is a charming coastal town situated in the region of Cadiz, a quiet corner of Andalucia that faces the Atlantic Ocean.

Conil de la Frontera is said to be a hidden gem on the often-neglected Cadiz coast. Credit: Ayuntamiento de Conil

Whilst popular with Spaniards seeking relaxation on the seafront, the town has yet to capture the attention of the 15.5 million Brits that visit Spain each year.

Conil is renowned for the local seafood caught fresh off its shores, recently being crowned the 2024 Gastronomic City in recognition of its thriving food scene.

A vibrant social life can be found in the many local restaurants, bars, and shops that line the pueblo’s whitewashed streets.

The town is also laden with history, symbolised by the Torre de Guzman, an old military fortification dating back to the 14th century.

Woman jailed for refusing to demolish illegal home in Conil de la Frontera Andalucia Photo: Eva Niñerola Caimo / flickr
The town is characterised by beautiful, whitewashed buildings. Credit: Cordon Press

There are also numerous beaches and coves frequented by locals which make the most of the town’s coastal location.

Facing directly west, any visitors to the town are guaranteed a gorgeous sunset over the Atlantic Ocean, aided by the year-round warm climate and over 3000 hours of annual sunshine.

Visitors to the town will be guaranteed beautiful sunsets over the Atlantic Ocean. Credit: Cordon Press

There’s a bonus too – property prices and the cost of living are significantly cheaper than Malaga and other tourist hotspots, meaning your euros stretch even further.


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