Woman straps 15 bales of hashish to her body before attempting to fly from Melilla to Spain’s Costa del Sol

A WOMAN with 15 packs of hashish strapped around her body has been arrested in the North African enclave of Melilla.

The Policia Nacional detained the woman, 33, at the airport ahead of catching a flight to Malaga.

Officers spotted the nervous-looking Argentine national passing through the security control and decided to ask her some questions.

They asked her why she was making the trip to the Costa del Sol and were greeted with ‘incoherences and inaccuracies’ with her attitude described as ‘evasive and irritable’ during the check.

The police checked her belongings and a superficial body search which uncovered 15 packs of a greenish-brown vegetable solid substance under her T-shirt, stuck to her body with brown adhesive packing tape.

Tests showed that the smuggled item was hashish and she was carrying one point five kilos of the substance.

The Policia Nacional arrested her for public health crimes and also for living illegally in Spain.


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