Thieves steal from passengers in car rental zones of Costa Blanca airport in Spain

THREE men have been arrested for stealing from arriving passengers at Alicante-Elche airport.

They’ve been charged with six thefts as well as document forgery and staying illegally in Spain.

It’s the latest in a series of airport arrests this year by the Policia Nacional.

Officers detained a trio in August who distracted and robbed arrivals in car rental park areas.

The modus operandi of the latest crop of arrested thieves, Kosovan nationals aged between 33 and 49, was pretty much the same.

The police got several complaints from foreign travellers about items were being stolen from airport car parks while they were distracted.

A police probe identified the robbers milling around the airport arrivals area pretending to be passengers that had just landed in Spain.

They were eyeing up a potential target but were arrested.

The thieves had a well-honed routine where one of them would engage their ‘mark’ in a conversation in a car rental zone.

His colleague would then steal any items from open bags.

Both men would run off to join a third man in their getaway car, which just happened to be a rental vehicle.

Image Credit: Police Nacional


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