Using a COVID certificate could restore full indoor capacity for late bars and nightclubs in Murcia area of Spain

MURCIA’S Ministry of Health wants the EU COVID certificate to be used to restore 100% indoor capacity in nightlife businesses and banquet/party venues.

Current rules only allow 75% capacity but the ministry has submitted a request to the regional Supreme Court to allow venues to use the document to regain full capacity.

If businesses do not want to use the certificate, then they will be allowed to continue as they are.

Besides clubs, it means that events like wedding receptions and family parties can fill up an indoor venue, so long as all attendees have a certificate.

The court submission over nightlife was made last week, with other large venues added on Monday(October 18).

Over 700,000 EU COVID certificates have so far been downloaded in the Murcia region.

Health Minister, Juan Jose Pedreño, said: “The certificate is a very effective and reliable tool which we can use to guarantee greater protection in activities and services.”

Pedreño added that the region had suggested the measure be rolled out nationally but had received ‘no response’ from the Health Ministry in Madrid.

The Balearic Islands, Catalunya, and Galicia have even stricter rules where a negative COVID test or production of a certificate is mandatory to enter a nightlife venue, irrespective of capacity limits.

Current nightlife business restrictions in Murcia have been extended for another week with dancing permitted, but eating or drinking only allowed when seated.

Image Credit; Cordon Press

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