This is how much cash you should be keeping in your home – according to the Bank of Spain

THE Bank of Spain has revealed how much cash you should be keeping in your home. 

Although society is becoming more and more cashless, it never hurts to have some cash on hand. 

Some bars, buses and shops won’t accept card payments below a certain amount. 

Others don’t use cards at all, preferring to be ‘traditional’. 

So, how much cash should you keep at home? 

According to the Bank of Spain, there is no limit on the amount of money you can keep at home, as long as you declare it in your taxes. 

They recommend keeping between six and 12 months worth of cash handy to get by. 

This includes living costs, food, transport and bills. 

However, the financial entity warned that the value of the money will go down over time due to inflation. 


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