Tourism reboot: Balearics receive millions to develop new tourism strategy

THE Balearics are to get a €233 million tourism boost from the European Union.

The €133 million will come from a €2 billion fund set aside to help develop the Strategy for Sustainable Tourism in European countries.

Premieres Vacances Estivales Sous Conditions Sanitaires Majorque Iles Baleares
€233 million for tourism reboot in the Balearic Islands (Credit:JEANNE ACCORSINI/SIPA/2106021438)

A further €100 million from a pre-allocated budget by the government from the Recovery and Resilience Mechanism of the Next Generation Funds of the EU, will also be given to the Balearics, taking the total to €233 million.

At the recent Tourism Sector Conference in Madrid, Minister of Economic Model, Tourism and Labor, Iago Neguerela, spoke of his happiness that the Islands were being given such a generous amount after they had ‘suffered so much’. He added that the money will allow Mallorca to invest in tourism and generate jobs.

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