WATCH: Choke hold bandit: Police hunt violent mugger in Spain’s Sevilla after choking woman out and robbing her

A violent mugger who robbed a woman by putting her in a choke hold until she lost consciousness is on the run in Sevilla.

Security footage captured the moment the thug crept up behind the unsuspecting victim in Cerro del Águila in the early hours of January 20th.

The man stalked the woman for several metres and then closed in on her, grabbed her by the neck and pushed her to the ground. 

The thief took advantage of the moment when the woman was semi-conscious to search through her belongings and take her purse. 

Despite the woman’s efforts to stop him, the thief managed to escape with her purse.

The same choke hold technique was used recently by another individual against a National Police officer on Kansas City Avenue. 

The attacker had fallen asleep inside a stopped car in the middle of the road. 

When the police officer woke him up, he violently attacked the officer, rendering her unconscious. 

The attacker was arrested and sentenced for a crime of reckless homicide.

The choke hold is a favoured technique by street robbers because it incapacitates the victim, but if applied for too long it can become lethal as it cuts off oxygen to the brain.

In August 2019, a Russian woman died at the hands of her son-in-law in a home on Santiago Street. 

The man used this technique on her until she died, landing him 20 years in prison due to family disputes.


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