‘Wobbling’ lorry stopped with driver six times over alcohol limit in Spain’s Murcia

AN erratically-driven lorry was pulled over in the Murcia City area with the driver found to be six times above the alcohol limit.

The Elche-bound truck started its journey 30 kilometres away in Librilla, zig-zagging between lanes on the A-30 motorway.

The booze-filled driver veered off an exit onto a bank and damaged road signs.

He nevertheless continued on the N-301 towards Molina de Segura followed by an off-duty Guardia Civil officer in his own vehicle.

He stayed right behind and used his hazard lights to warn motorists of danger.

The officer relayed what was going on via his hands-free phone to Murcia’s Traffic Operations Centre, who deployed Guardia reinforcements to the area.

They managed to get the lorry to take an exit road onto an industrial estate, where it then stopped.

The driver stank of alcohol and a breath test confirmed he was six times over the limit for a professional driver.

His vehicle was removed by another driver, while the offender was charged with drink-driving.

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