WATCH: Woman stopped by police riding an electric scooter on motorway in Spain’s Costa del Sol

Footage has been released by the Guardia Civil of an unknown woman riding an electric scooter down the AP7 between San Pedro de Alcantara and Estepona on June 15.

When the woman was spotted by police officer from Guardia Civil, the scooter was apparently out of battery, meaning she was using her legs to maintain speed on a blisteringly hot day. 

By the time the police officers stopped her, she had travelled 12 kilometres along the highway.

She now faces a fine of €200.

Multiple drivers contacted police after seeing the woman on the roads.

Electric scooter usage has exploded in recent years, figures released in February by Spain’s Ministry of Development showed almost 7% of Spanish households have an electric scooter, meaning there are now more than half a million of them in the country.

However, electric scooters can only be ridden in bike lanes, on roads with speed limits of 30 km/h or lower, and through the pedestrian areas in the same conditions as bicycles.


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