We connect you to the sun: Smart Photovoltaic Systems – an investment in Spain with immediate return

THE company Smart Photovoltaic Systems SL stands for high-quality photovoltaic systems made in Germany.

The owner and founder of the company is Frank Weiss, who speaks fluent English, Spanish and German. He has been in the solar business since 2007. It all started in Mexico with the installation of the first grid-connected photovoltaic system in June 2007.

After about 1,300 installations in residential buildings, industrial halls and solar parks, Weiss moved his business to southern Spain.

One reason: the Spanish Solar Tax was abolished practically at the same time, thus clearing the way to now also use photovoltaic energy for self-consumption.

Smart Photovoltaic Systems is based in Alhaurín de la Torre and serves the Costa del Sol.

Amortization as fast as never before

Due to constantly rising electricity prices and falling costs for photovoltaic modules, owning your own photovoltaic system pays for itself more quickly than ever before.

In addition to the possibility of saving electricity costs and contributing to environmental protection, there is another advantage why homeowners should consider producing their own solar power –  you will also benefit from the feed-in tariff. The surplus electricity generated by your system will earn you money.

Smart Pv Solar

As there is plenty of sunshine on the Costa del Sol, a photovoltaic system generates surplus electricity on many days of the year. Feeding it into the grid pays at least 5 cents per kilowatt hour. 

A 5 kWp photovoltaic system produces about 8,000 kWh per year, and pays for itself after only three years following the last electricity price increase. Not only that, but the solar modules come with a guarantee of 25 years. The basic price for a 5 kWp system is about €5,000 plus tax, depending on the installation costs.

Solar power around the clock

Smart Photovoltaic Systems also installs hybrid inverters, which store the solar power with the help of a battery bank and release it again at night, for example to charge an electric car. In this way, the consumer can use solar power around the clock.

By opting for a photovoltaic system, you also become an active climate protector and help to significantly reduce your personal CO2 emissions.

Frank Weiss works exclusively with his own staff and pays attention to the best quality and good service and customer service. All solar modules, inverters, cables and fuses used come from selected, well-known manufacturers.

We will be happy to provide you with a non-binding cost estimate for a suitable photovoltaic system. All we need is a brief description of the property in question and a current electricity bill or, in the case of a new building, an estimated electricity consumption.

We will be happy to advise you free of charge and without obligation. Frank Weiss and his team look forward to hearing from you.

Smart Photovoltaic Systems S.L.

Pasaje de Camioneros 83

Poligono Industrial

29130 Alhaurín de la Torre

Tel: +34 657123513

E-Mail: contacto@smartpv.es

Web: www.smartpv.es

Instagram: smartpvcostadelsol

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