Young boy, 14, left with burst eardrum after vicious classmate attack in Spain’s Valencia

A TEEN has been left seriously injured after being attacked by a gang of thugs from his school in Valencia. 

The 14-year-old man was pounced upon by five classmates as he walked through a neighborhood near Tormos after school on Monday. 

The boy’s family says he sustained serious injuries in the attack, including a burst eardrum and is too frightened to return to the classroom. 

The family claims the attack was launched after their son was asked by the thugs if he was dating a girl from their school. 

When the victim answered no, his classmates began to kick and punch him to the ground. 

A passerby saw the assault and yelled at the teens to stop and they quickly fled from the scene. 

Then the brave victim managed to run into a nearby bar and wait inside safely until his mum picked him up. 

The teen’s mother has filed a complaint with the police and has formally requested that her son be transferred to another school out of ‘fear’ of seeing his attackers again in class. 


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