Andalucian president unveils plans for new €375 million hospital in Spain’s Malaga

ANDALUCIA president, Juanma Morena, has announced that Malaga will get a new ‘first-rate’ hospital costing €365 million.

The regional leader says it is part of plan to boost the economy by modernising infrastructures and creating new jobs.

The 15-storey hospital will have over 800 rooms, 42 operating rooms, 198 consultation rooms, 66 ICU boxes and two thousand parking spaces.

Juanma Moreno said: “It will become the largest hospital building in Andalucia”.

Although there is no starting date for building work to commence, Moreno proclaimed that €375 million will be invested in order to bring a ‘first-rate hospital to a first-rate province’.

Moreno added that Malaga Province is a ‘tourist, cultural and economic power of research and innovation’ and one of the ‘key drivers for the social and economic recovery’ of Andalucia after the COVID-19 pandemic.

The hospital will be built on a site between the Civil Hospital and opposite the Maternal Hospital, with pedestrian walkways connecting all three facilities.

“We have a lot of work ahead of us but we have the illusion, the desire, and a plan designed to make Andalucia a leading community for the benefit of Andalucians and Spain,” concluded Moreno.


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